About us:

Crazy Horse Effects, Inc. (CHE) focuses on creating inspiring imagery to tie seamlessly with the greatest photography in the industry. We believe there is a connection between poetry and realism. So, while we are in the business of providing photorealistic effects, it often takes an artistic brush to apply the physics of light and color before a shot can command the moment and work properly within the context of the story.

Our core expertise is in providing complex 2.5 and 3D environments and set extensions for wide, establishing shots. CHE creates the big shot with a small team. We have grown out of the close collaboration between highly talented matte painters and compositors. Our credo is simple: keep the crew small and exquisite, the lines of communication between director and artist short and our eyes and minds open in order to consistently provide the highest quality of work. We also have a track record of saving shots quickly that could not be solved satisfactorily by other facilities. From conceptualizing shots and strategies during pre-production, on-set supervision during production, to post production, we provide the full range of VFX.

Doing visual effects is a little is like making music: CHE is somewhere between a chamber orchestra and a rock band. Every instrument is different, everybody matters. In an industry that is quickly changing and always looking for the latest thing, we are trying to keep touch with traditional skills of making images with impact, that have been a ferment of human history since the cave paintings. We craft contemporary natural art. We believe that anything that is truly done well has permanence and will stand the test of time.

Paul Graff

Co-Founder, VFX Supervisor and President of Crazy Horse Effects, Inc (CHE)

Paul began his career as a VFX artist in Berlin, Germany. Since his arrival in Los Angeles, he has garnered many awards including three Emmys and four Visual Effects Society Awards. After several exciting years as the VFX Supervisor for Robert Stromberg's company Digital Backlot, Paul started his own company Crazy Horse Effects, Inc. CHE specializes in CG Environments, compositing, matte paintings, concept art and VFX Design. THERE WILL BE BLOOD, WALL STREET - MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, SAVAGES and others feature Paul as senior VFX Supervisor.

Christina Graff

Co-Founder, VFX Producer and CFO of Crazy Horse Effects, Inc (CHE).

Christina transitioned from editing award winning documentaries and features in Berlin, Germany to producing visual effects after moving to Los Angeles in 2001. Her career as Visual Effects Producer began with There Will Be Blood, when producing for Robert Stromberg's company, Digital Backlot. Since then she has won one Emmy and was instrumental in obtaining numerous other wins for CHE.

Our history:

In 2001, after moving to the United States from Berlin, Germany (where both Paul and Christina Graff worked in the local film and television industry - VFX and editing), Paul was given his first VFX job as a senior compositor on the movie CORONADO. Embracing the creative attitude and meticulously high quality standards of Academy Award-winner Volker Engel and Marc Weigert's company UNCHARTED TERRITORY, Paul moved on to become a lead compositor and compositing supervisor. During Peter Weir's MASTER & COMMANDER, Paul met 5-star matte painter & VFX Designer ROBERT STROMBERG. The two have been consistently teaming up on a host of projects ever since then. After winning his first EMMY with Uncharted Territory for the mini-series THE TRIANGLE, Paul went on to supervise and composite for Robert Stromberg's company DIGITAL BACKLOT. For his contribution to MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, Paul was nominated for the VES Award for Outstanding Supporting VFX in a motion picture

By 2006, a new dimension was added to Digital Backlot. While Robert was deeply involved in the creation of alien environments for Jim Cameron's AVATAR, Paul and Christina Graff were in charge of operations at Digital Backlot. The company took on THERE WILL BE BLOOD, MIMZY, 3:10 TO YUMA, EVAN ALMIGHTY and finally JOHN ADAMS with Robert as Visual Effects Designer, Paul as Visual Effects Supervisor and Christina Graff as Visual Effects Producer. Their efforts were rewarded with EMMYs (Paul Graff, Christina Graff, Robert Stromberg) for the HBO mini-series JOHN ADAMS, which consequently won VES AWARDS in 3 categories.

Shortly after the completion of JOHN ADAMS in 2008, Digital Backlot was dissolved and Paul and Christina Graff incorporated CRAZY HORSE EFFECTS, Inc (CHE).
Continuing the same journey under a new flag, CHE established its new name by creating visual effects for FOUR CHRISTMASES, TROPIC THUNDER, CREATION and John Hillcoat's THE ROAD. For his work on THE ROAD, Paul was again nominated for the VES Award for Outstanding Supporting VFX in a motion picture.

The success of BAND OF BROTHERS prompted HBO and PLAYTONE to produce the 10-part mini-series: THE PACIFIC. CHE contributed 82 shots to THE PACIFIC and won another EMMY nomination for Paul in 2010. Simultaneously, CHE completed a sequence for Roland Emmerich's 2012. The collaboration with HBO continued with the design and creation of the Atlantic City Boardwalk for Scorsese's pilot: BOARDWALK EMPIRE. At the same time, CHE continued working once again with director Scorsese on SHUTTER ISLAND and Peter Weir on THE WAY BACK.

In 2010, Crazy Horse Effects doubled in size and moved to a larger facility in Venice, California. The additional room and staff enabled CHE to take on entire projects from pre-production through post production; including on-set supervision and production. CHE has since contributed creative ideas and provided VFX Supervision/Production for numerous films and television programs, picking up several awards along the way.